Dear Stag-doer in Budapest,

Dear Stag-doer in Budapest,

There are few things we would like to talk about before you get here to celebrate the best party of your life. Please read this with open heart. There are a few things you might be mistaken about us, locals, and about our city.

1. Budapest is a historical city and not your playground

We understand. You want to have a good time, but you need to understand that this is a place we have been living for centuries, and we plan to do so in the future as well. Our streets are not your toilet and not the bar where you can shout to your friend.

2. And us, Hungarian girls are not here to entertain you either

It happened to me personally several times that you walked up to me and pointed to your junk, asking if I was interested in having sex with you. Well to be honest, you didn’t quite use the same words. When I excused myself telling you that I maybe wished to finish the conversation with my mom first, you got offended that I didn’t work the same way the girls you had seen on the movies. Eastern European girls are not (just) porn-category.
So no, we are not part of your party. We could be off course, if you treat us with respect or have something interesting to say… or in fact, if you can speak and not just drinking as hell.

3. This is not a beach town

Please-please wear T-shirt when you are crawling on the streets. It’s not that hot, and well, neither are you.

4. Yes, we do have a sense of humour…

…but seeing you guys dressed up as Borat, riding a huge dildo shaped balloon just got old. We did laugh about the first guy who did that a decade ago, but we last saw the same “costume” two minutes ago. And yesterday. And last Friday too. We roll our eyes, because for us you are not original anymore. You are just pathetic. No, your sack and nipples are not funny. Sorry.

5. You really need to stop fighting

Before you came, we had barely seen a fight on our streets. I’d personally seen none in Budapest. We drink pálinka too, a lot in fact. Then we get into really deep conversations (OK, it seems like that in the moment), then we sing, then we cry and finally pass out in the corner, sleeping like an innocent baby. There is no fight included in our agenda. We don’t want to fight with you. Full stop.

6. We love tourist

And I really mean this. We love when you come around and be amazed by the city’s  charm, the streets, the architecture. We love when travelers come here and decide that Budapest is their favourite city. We love seeing you having a good time. But you need to understand that as soon as you don’t respect us, we will not respect you either. We need you to understand the consequences of your behaviour. You make us sour and burned out. You make us not being happy for you in the really near future. Maybe not for you, maybe it will be when your brother is having the stag night in our city. But it will happen. Real soon.
You also need to understand that you are not only ruining our city, our attitude, but also the time of other respectful travelers.
We are neither a party hostel, nor a zoo.

The Locals

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